Podcast Interview with Physical Therapy Doctor Jordan Floyd Discussing
Exercise Limitations

Physical Therapy Doctor Jordan Floyd and Coach Bridget of The Health Dare partner together to create an in-home experience for clients with mobility issues.

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Published: Mar 2, 2022

Health Coach Bridget Interviews Physical Therapy Doctor Jordan Floyd on Exercise Limitations

Why does exercise hurt? Many people who struggle with and are seeking help losing belly fat find that it is painful to exercise at a gym, run, or even walk! Bad knees, joint pain, or mobility issues may keep you from the exercise you so desperately need. After an injury, or as you get older, mobility is a challenge. Beginning an exercise routine after years of sitting behind a desk can be daunting. Fear, anxiety, and pain can keep you from beginning your journey of health. The good news is that there are solutions to these problems! You don’t have to work out at the gym or run miles and miles to have successful weight loss, because that may be nearly impossible at first. Since exercise is one of the best prescriptions for health, what is the best way to approach it? It is vital to start with easy, sustainable steps that you can conquer to build your confidence and strength as you start the process.

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Here are a few steps you can follow to ease the pain:

  1. Think outside the box. For example, did you know that you can exercise in the water? Aquatic dynamics can help support your weight, and take the pressure off your joints. This has been a highly successful technique for many people with mobility issues. Try things that you enjoy, such as boxing, bike riding, or walking. If you enjoy the activity, it doesn’t feel like work! If you have a busy schedule, exercise at home. The Health Dare program even has an exercise you can do while sitting in your living room recliner!
  2. Be patient. You didn’t become unhealthy overnight, and it will take time to gain back your strength and health. Consistency is more important than intensity, and it is a marathon, not a race. Don’t overdo it, just be sure you will do it!
  3. Hire an accountability coach. Securing a professional, knowledgeable coach is vital for your success, and The Health Dare coaching team has been helping clients reverse the symptoms of Type II Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, IBS and Sleep Apnea since 2015. The Health Dare provides an in-home experience of grocery delivery, pantry cleanout, and delicious custom-made meals prepared with you by their chefs. Their 90-day program guarantees results, and will teach you how to become your own health coach. They have certified health coaches, licensed behavioral therapists, chefs, and nutritionists that will surround you with accountability for 90 days. After 8,000+ successful client transformations, their team is adding a new partner. Dr. Jordan Floyd and the Limitless Physical Therapy team have partnered with The Health Dare coaches to provide a customized health and wellness experience unlike any other. Dr. Jordan’s team helps their clients address issues such as back pain, knee pain, and joint pain that keep them from the corrective exercise they so desperately need. Dr. Jordan’s treatment plans are uniquely customized for each client. His team will even come to their homes and perform the therapy in their living room! “I’m a doctor. It’s my job to be skeptical of weight loss programs,” says Dr. Jordan Floyd, owner and founder of Limitless Therapy and Wellness. “One size fits all doesn’t work for everyone. We treat people, not bodies. The Health Dare and Limitless is a perfect marriage, because we have the same philosophy.”

The medical system is set up to treat body parts,

but Dr. Jordan’s team provides a concierge experience that treats people, in the unique way that they need to be treated. Dr. Jordan believes that listening to his clients is vital for their success. He states,

“As doctors, we often think our most valuable tools are our medical instruments, but our most valuable tools are our ears.”

Watch as Coach Bridget, President and founder of The Health Dare, interviews Dr. Jordan on this informative podcast: Listen here

For more information about The Health Dare 90-day program, or to speak to a health coach, call 1-877-IDAREME!

Over 8,000 successful client transformations since 2015…

Clients are raving about their results reversing the symptoms of high blood sugar, high blood pressure, obesity (weight loss), sleep apnea and high cholesterol in just a few weeks on our program.

“Transform your body in 90 days… I dare you!“

Coach Bridget

CHC, MA Education, The Health Dare

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Clients are raving about their results reversing the symptoms of high blood sugar, high blood pressure, obesity (weight loss), sleep apnea and high cholesterol in just a few weeks on our program.

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