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Over 8,000+ successful client transformations since 2015.

Health & Wellness Radio Show
The Health Dare – iHeart Radio

Health & Wellness Radio Show
The Health Dare – iHeart Radio

Lawrence Beat Cancer
& Lost Over 60lbs

Amy is a Single Mom Who Decided to
Take Control of Her Health

Nikki a Mom of 8 Lost 60lbs
& Erased Her Brain Fog

Huck Lost 63lbs & Lowered His
High Blood Pressure

Dr. Shannon Ford
Lost 20lbs in 5 Weeks

Kathy Survived Cancer
and Lost 120lbs

Famous Radio Host Kelly Nash
Loses 30+ lbs on The Health Dare!

Success Spotlight
Real people. Real results.

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How Does The Health Dare Work?

A 90 day case study from hundreds of clients. By the numbers…

High Blood Pressure

Obesity / Weight Loss

High Blood Sugar

Sleep Apnea

High Cholesterol

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

“Transform your body in 90 days… I dare you!

How healthy are you? Have you ever had your hydration measured? We will give you a free cellular health and hydration screening! Let us know how we can help you start your 90 day cellular challenge!

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