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Over 8,000 successful client transformations since 2015. The Health Dare is simple, scientific, and sustainable for life, and we can’t wait to share it with you! What is The Health Dare? – Learn more


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Over 8,000 successful client transformations since 2015. The Health Dare is simple, scientific, and sustainable for life, and we can’t wait to share it with you!


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

* Certain Terms & Conditions Apply | Book Now


Starting at Only $99 a Month!

CURRENT SPECIAL: Hire our team of Health Professionals starting at only $99 a month.

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Reverse Symptoms

High Blood Pressure

Obesity / Weight Loss

High Blood Sugar

Sleep Apnea

High Cholesterol

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

What is The Health Dare?

The Health Dare is a non-medical nutrition consulting service providing a 90-day cellular health program. Clients are raving about their results reversing the symptoms of high blood sugar (T2D), high blood pressure, obesity (weight loss), sleep apnea, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), high cholesterol and weak immune systems on our programs.

Our Team of Health Coaches, Chefs, Physical Therapists and Doctors will surround you so you can’t fail. We will even clean out your pantry, grocery shop and cook with you!

How does The Health Dare Work?
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Success Stories


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Averages from 100’s of Client Transformations. By The Numbers.

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12 Weeks Average Pounds Lost

12 Weeks Average Inches Lost

12 Weeks Body Fat Percent Lost

40% men took the Health Dare

60% women took the Health Dare

Avg. Client Age 54. Ages so far 18 - 89

The Health Dare Lifestyle

The Health Dare is a team of certified health professionals that will surround you with hands-on education and accountability for 90 days. You will receive one-on-one health coaching sessions with your evaluation coach, along with private consultations with physical therapists, licensed behavioral counselors, certified health coaches and more.

Your community events throughout each month include cooking classes, functional medicine classes, grocery shopping tours, spice blend classes, and the occasional “Taco Tuesday!” You’ll love your sweet tooth Saturdays, where chefs wow clients with amazing healthy dessert options! Your coaching team will even come into your home and “set you up for success” with a pantry clean out, jumpstart grocery delivery, customized meal plan and private cooking demonstration, leaving you with an array of delicious meals on your counter and in your refrigerator!

This extensive 90-day program provides accountability calls, meetings, and texts, along with a client community where you will take this journey with others who share your struggles. You will receive a comprehensive curriculum that provides all the tools you need to stay healthy for a lifetime, and you’ll learn the concept of cellular health.

The Health Dare is simple, scientific, and sustainable for life, and we can’t wait to share it with you!


How Does The Health Dare Work?


The Health Dare approach targets DANGEROUS BELLY FAT, or visceral fat, which increases the risk of heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, dementia and other undesirable symptoms. Through the cellular health technologies implemented during a 90-day process, the body can reignite the metabolism to perform at a higher rate. The Health Dare has developed a program that promotes optimal hydration at a cellular level, encouraging the body to flush out fat at a faster speed.


There are only two foods that you can’t eat on The Health Dare diet in order for the cellular health technologies to remain effective. Clients are encouraged to consume protein, bread, fruit, and carbs daily, and there are fast food options for the busy professional, along with a culinary app with hundreds of recipe suggestions. There are NO GYM WORKOUTS REQUIRED; all exercises and technologies can be performed in the comfort and convenience of home, without excessive physical exertion or strict caloric restriction.


Clients find that this program is SO EASY to maintain, which leads to their high level of success. There have been 8,000+ successful transformations since 2015, and clients graduate from the program empowered with the tools to stay healthy for life.

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Success Stories / / Client Reviews

“Have been able to decrease medications. Great blood sugar readings, lower blood pressure & now have tools to live a healthier life. Rediscovered exercise! An excellent program!”

Cam McLeod

“I have lost weight several times in my life but with the health dare it seems so much easier. I’m never starving and I’ve had more energy since I started. Enough good things cannot be said about the staff too. Kind and helpful, it’s just been a great experience.”

Heath Moon

“The staff of the Health Dare is top notch. The health coaches engage and encourage each client. They are never more than a text away for any questions you may have. I have and would recommend this program to anyone who is interested in getting healthy. The goal is to get healthy. The side effects are feeling great, weight loss and getting off prescription medications. Thank you Health Dare Staff.”
Philip Wilson

“Amazing people with a passion for helping their clients! I’ve never seen a program hold people so accountable and in such a loving environment!”

Jonathan Willis

“The program was easier to follow than I thought . Lauren helped me with my shopping list and I am losing the weight and feeling more energetic. I’m a fan.”

Cindy La Rocque

“I’ve lost 24 lbs in 6 wks on The Health Dare. The coaches are awesome. They check in with me at least weekly and answer questions and offer suggestions and are very supportive. I’m never hungry, eat 5 times a day…”

Drew Fisher

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