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What is Sleep Apnea? The Health Dare program is known to work as sleep apnea treatment, and clients have reversed their sleep apnea symptoms.

Sleep Apnea Treatment, Sleep Apnea Symptoms
Published: Mar 21, 2023

What is Sleep Apnea? Reverse Sleep Apnea Symptoms

If your spouse complains about your loud snoring, you feel exhausted no matter how much sleep you get, you wake up at night gasping for air, or you’re just downright irritable, you may have the signs or symptoms of sleep apnea. While you are googling “Do I have sleep apnea,” your partner may be googling,

“How do I sleep with someone who snores!?”

Whoever sleeps in your bed may have tried wearing ear plugs, white noise, changing your position, or even sleeping in a separate room, but it may be time for you both to accept the fact that you need to see a doctor. If you have already been to the doctor, and you’ve recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea, navigating this new territory can be daunting.

You may be wondering,

  • What is the cause of sleep apnea?
  • What is the best sleep apnea machine on the market?
  • What is the treatment for sleep apnea?
  • What is the best sleep apnea diet?

The answers to these questions are not simple, and you may spend months researching your diagnosis. No matter where you are in your sleep apnea journey, this article can provide information and resources on where to begin.

What is the cause of Sleep Apnea?

The first thing you need to know is that all sleep apnea is not the same. There are several causes for sleep apnea, but the most well-known types of sleep apnea can be narrowed down to two types.

  1. The least common form of sleep apnea is called Central sleep apnea. This occurs when the brain does not perform properly, and fails to send signals to the faculties that control your breathing. This can results from heavy pain medications, being a past victim of a stroke, or simply age.
  2. The second form is Obstructive sleep apnea, which is the most common form of sleep apnea, and happens when the throat muscles, which support the soft palate, relax and cause your airways to narrow, obstructing your breathing. Your brain will recognize that your breathing is impaired and awaken you, saving your life each time. You or your spouse may recognize that you wake up choking and gasping several times throughout the night. The main cause of this type of sleep apnea is excess belly fat, enlarged throat or tonsils, or other reasons.

Those who are male or older in age may be at a higher risk for the symptoms of sleep apnea. No matter which category your sleep apnea falls into, your quality of life has been affected, and you need fast relief! You are at risk for heart problems, Type II Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and Metabolic syndrome because of your sleep patterns. In addition, your partner may be on the verge of divorce or insanity from sleep deprivation, so it’s time to take action!

What is sleep apnea? Best Sleep Apnea Machine

What is the best sleep apnea machine?

There are many companies that claim to offer the best sleep apnea machines… we recomened these guys as far as machines go. They will take you from point A-Z, and assist you in avoiding the complications of sleep apnea.  They are experts in their field, and can help you with CPAP machines, travel CPAP machines, nasal CPAP masks, straps and headgear, CPAP accessories, and CPAP tubing. Their CPAP sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria, germs and other pathogens, and sanitizes without chemicals or water. Their products include a 2-year warranty, so they stand behind their products!

What is the best sleep apnea diet?

If you have sleep apnea, chances are, you have been so busy taking care of the ones you love that you haven’t taken care of yourself. Essentially, you are an unselfish, committed person. You are probably a busy professional who works sunup to sundown, with little regard to how this affects your health. You need a professional intervention from someone who will take care of you. At The Health Dare, our coaching team will cook for you, grocery shop for you, and coach you on everything you need to know to become your own health coach…the easy way.

As a busy father, mother, spouse, or professional, it’s impossible to put your life on hold. That’s why The Health Dare has made their diet program sustainable for life. You can still have fast food, steak, baked potatoes, carbs, fruit, bread, sweet tea, chocolate, and so many of the things you love.

Since the leading cause of sleep apnea is belly fat, you need a belly-fat-blasting team that can help you lose weight fast. The Health Dare program will fit into your life with a customized cellular health program to help you flush out toxins and fat on a cellular level, so that you get healthy from the inside out. The Health Dare is one of the most comprehensive health and wellness programs in the world, so put them to work for you!

The Health Dare has dozens of clients who reversed their symptoms of sleep apnea within 30-60 days on our program.

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Over 8,000 successful client transformations since 2015…

Clients are raving about their results reversing the symptoms of high blood sugar, high blood pressure, obesity (weight loss), sleep apnea and high cholesterol in just a few weeks on our program.

“Transform your body in 90 days… I dare you!“

Coach Bridget

Executive Health Coach, The Health Dare

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Clients are raving about their results reversing the symptoms of high blood sugar, high blood pressure, obesity (weight loss), sleep apnea and high cholesterol in just a few weeks on our program.

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