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The Most Common Ways To Lose Weight — Fast!

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You are probably reading this because you want to lose some weight. You may have even found us searching Best Weight Loss Clinic in or around Raleigh NC. Perhaps you have tried one or many of these top weight lost methods yourself and are still seeking answers. Don’t worry – we have you covered! In this article we will explore the most common ways to lose weight and the risks and benefits associated with each of them.

The Most Common Ways to Lose Weight:

1. Caloric Deficit

We all know that a key factor in weight gain/loss is calories in vs calories out. If we consume more calories than we burn, we will gain weight. On the contrary, if we consume less calories than we burn we will lose weight, right? Well sort-of. While the caloric deficit principle is true in theory, we should consider a few things that could in fact halt weight loss and cause some serious health concerns.

Let’s do a little Q&A and see why – shall we?

Question: Will I lose weight if I eat hardly anything (one meal per day perhaps)?

Answer: YES…BUT!

The simple answer is yes, but not so fast. Your body and mind (and yes, even your soul) need calories to function. Eating at a significant caloric deficit can cause serious health issues and malnutrition. This is where the term “starving to death” comes from. Yes – you can lose weight this way but your health will suffer!
Once the body goes into “starvation” mode it will begin to hold on to fat stores and your metabolism will shut down. Your body may even release water and muscle before it burns thru fat stores causing weakness and dehydration. This has a tremendous impact on your organ health. We suggest eating at a slight caloric deficit that is sustainable. Let patience and consistency guide you toward losing weight the healthy way.

Question: Can I lose weight and eat whatever I want as long as I am burning more calories than I am consuming?
Answer: NO!

Well also yes…but mostly NO! In order to lose unhealthy fat one must stay clear of certain dangerous foods (more on that later) and eat plenty of nutritious foods. Also – watch those calories from liquid beverages whether they are healthy or not. Your best bet is to eat real food, often and allow your body to break the food down naturally through the digestion process. Focusing on a caloric deficit over your health is a tried and true way to getting unhealthy in a jiffy. Always eat foods that promote your health in your journey to weight loss.

2. High Protein Diet

The commonly known ketogenic or “keto” diet has been a go-to for many looking to lose body fat quickly. There is no doubt that high protein type diets have worked for many in their endeavor to lose weight quickly. However, there are many concerns surrounding such diets by top medical professionals.

Studies have shown that long-term high protein intake can cause digestive issues, kidney damage, heart disease, dehydration, malnutrition & increased risk of cancer. Your body needs both carbohydrates, fats & proteins to maintain your health. If you are simply looking for an annual tune-up the high protein diet may be a good solution to shed a few extra pounds before summer time but is not a long term solution for someone who is expecting consistent, long-term results in their weight loss and health journey.

3. Supplementation

There are so many types of supplements available today for weight loss and we are losing track. As a general rule, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably (almost definitely) is. This includes drops under the tongue for weight loss, “fat burner” pills, slim waist trainers, and diet pills. The large majority of these supplements are just marketing gimmicks and many of them can pose serious health risks.

On the contrary, there are many natural supplements that have proven to both improve your health and aid in the weight loss process. Green tea and apple cider vinegar are a few of our favorite supplements that have been known to cause weight loss naturally all while promoting your health the natural way.

4. Medical Procedures

The two most common types of procedures for weight loss are Restriction (ie sleeve gastrectomy) and Malabsorption (gastric bypass). These types of weight loss procedures are never recommended for anyone unless their doctor deems it absolutely necessary. While they may work for a time in the promotion of weight loss, the long- term health risks associated with medical procedures for weight loss can be very severe. Theses potential risks could be a article all on it’s own but just trust us on this one – it’s not worth it!

5. Exercise

Exercise – it’s the one we all hate, but we know it works. There are numerous benefits to exercise – increased immune system, promotion of blood flow thru the body which lowers the ricks of heart disease and many more. However, let’s focus on the weight loss aspects.
Not only does exercise help promote weight loss, it also helps to prevent weight loss. Exercise can fire up your metabolism which will allow your body to burn more calories throughout the day. Muscle gain is also a side effect of consistent exercise which aids in removing and replacing fats and healthy body composition.

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As the most comprehensive health program in the world, we are convinced here at The Health Dare that the EASIEST and most SUSTAINABLE way to lose weight is by getting healthy (try to change our minds). At The Health Dare we focus on getting our clients healthy on a cellular level – and it’s easier than you think. The pursuit of weight loss should never come before your over all health. However, weight loss is one of the biggest side effects of getting healthy. We have coached thousands of clients toward weight loss all while getting healthier than they have been in years or decades.

These incredible results often come in 90 days or less.
So how can one lose weight the healthy way??
So when we use the word “weight” in “weight loss” what exactly does that word represent? Losing “weight” the healthy way is all about losing that unhealthy, dangerous fat (such as belly fat or organ fat).

Much of our program is targeted toward lose that unwanted, stubborn belly fat all while gaining healthy “weight” like hydration and muscle. We can’t give away all of our cellular health “secrets”, but a good starting point is as follows:

  1. Hydrate – drink lots of water
  2. Exercise – exercise at least 30-60 minutes daily
  3. Eliminate Refined Flour and Sugar – learn to read labels and watch for “hidden
  4. Get A Coach – Yes, accountability and education is a must

If you do one of these things, you may see results for a time. But we recommend you do all four – consistently. These four things are the foundation for seeing exponential results.

If you don’t know where to start or feel overwhelmed, don’t worry. The Health Dare has helped thousands of people just like you lose weight all while getting healthy.

Just reach out to our team. We will help you achieve results in your have never dreamed of – we guarantee it!

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